Baby Kayden’s 1st Birthday

Styling the birthday party for Baby Kayden was a fun and delightful one.

When we were discussing the party with Mummy Ashley, we went through a lot of themes – dinosaur, race car, woodland, little elephant etc. While Mummy Ashley had always wanted something cute and different, we decided to go for the airplane theme featuring Baby Kayden as the pilot in the air.

To make the whole styling as interactive as possible, we even handcrafted stuffed clouds (Tips: We stuffed with cotton and stitched it – let us know if you want step-by-step process of it) and they looked so real and cute when put together on the backdrop!:) So instead of getting a totally flat backdrop, now the guests could enjoy a different visual with the 3D effect. It is cool, isn’t it?

Not only was the birthday table filled with desserts and cakes, it was also decorated with family portraits and a wishing corner for the guests to leave their wonderful wishes for the little one. Why a wishing corner? It all started when we were first styling for the sister, Giselle a few years back and Mummy Ashley got this idea of having the guests to leave a letter to Giselle so that she is able to read them 18 years later. Now when it was the little brother’s turn, Mummy Ashley wanted to do the same too.

Our team would like to say thank you to Mummy Ashley and Daddy Dexter for the continuous support in us. We are so happy to be part of Kayden’s birthday celebration!

Sri Petaling
Cake & Dessert
Thealovecakes; Lina Yong
Stationery & Printing
Lys Wedding and Event Styling

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