Sherlyn + Shaun : Something Blue | Le Meridien Petaling Jaya

“Something borrowed, something blue.”

A modern and elegant take on this age-old wedding rhyme, we blended a palette of blues and whites for Sherlyn and Shaun’s Le Meridien reception.

We opened the ballroom with a luxurious floral arch, followed by an elaborate walkway covered in candlelights, starry lighting, mixed blooms and a crisp white carpet. We layered the walkway in varying heights, using pedestals to elevate the clear crystal candle holders, adding dimension and grandeur to the set. Leading up the path, cascading florals spill onto the carpet. It never fails to bring the drama to any main table design! The perfect alternative to a high centerpiece – the low arrangement on the table allows for good visibility between guests, while the lush floral tail exudes extravagance and exuberance.

Sherlyn and Shaun specially requested for a mega-sized photo backdrop that could fill the ballroom lounge. A whopping 22ft wide x 10ft tall solid block panel was meticulously constructed to create their dream photo corner. The design of this backdrop was carefully thought out. With measurements this large, we felt that a typical panel backdrop would be too one-dimensional, hence the angled corner was intentionally added to create a sense of visual depth. Similarly, the dripping foliage, floating floral arrangements, and rectangular geometric pieces, were all layered strategically to create multiple focal points throughout this piece. Basically, our intention was not only to grab their guest’s attention but to hold it for longer … keeping them interested and excited for the night’s festivities! The round elevated step platform was the ultimate cherry on top!

Speaking of layering different pieces together, we also worked diligently on the color layering for these florals. A two-color palette relies heavily on the blending of different hues, shades, and tones to create one cohesive yet diverse aesthetic We carefully selected flowers to curate this gradient/ombre effect for each and every arrangement, all while maintaining a clean and neat look throughout this timeless decor suite.

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