DG + YY : Minimalist Boho Chic | Tanarimba Janda Baik

The best part about being a wedding stylist is the chance to make someone’s dream wedding a reality. From our very first meeting, DG and YY had a clear vision of what their celebration would look like, down to the most minute details! The couple shared with us their mood board featuring very specific textures and elements that they loved.

We approached this wedding with a NEUTRAL MINIMALIST meets BOHO CHIC concept. The minimal raw aesthetic was put together with dried florals, unpolished slabs of clay, concrete accents, bare ceramic finishes, sheer airy textiles, white + blush + neutral hues. We then added a touch of boho flair to match DG and YY’s bold and chic individual styles, which can be found in the brown earthy tones and the signature bohemian pairing of pampas grass with dried palm leaves.

Fun fact! Most of the decor was actually handmade by our team, like the clay base centerpieces on guest tables, cement holders for the candles, and the plaster-textured photo wall made from light paper materials. Since this look required such specific details, it was difficult to source for ready-made props with the right colour, size, texture, feel … hence we took it to ourselves to make them from scratch!

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