Jack + Evelyn : A Dusty Rose Palette | Weil Hotel Ipoh

Don’t you just love a dusty rose wedding palette!

We made an outstation trip up to Ipoh to style Jack and Evelyn’s wedding reception at WEIL Hotel. Neutral and muted floral details paired with gold accent tones for the photo backdrop created a soft romantic fall look that looked absolutely stunning both in person and in photos!

As for the ballroom design, we topped it off with high pedestal arrangements, rounded floral centrepieces, and gilded details. Further elevating the overall ambience of the ballroom, we went with a structural frame that reaches for the stars! Featuring tall and grand details like the towering entrance panels, floral walkway decor supported with pedestal stands, and table centerpieces and block candles elevated on gilded holders. A simple way to add breadth to a space and to make a statement!

Weil Hotel Ipoh
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