Soo + Wei Sen : #SENturiesSOOulmates | Zhong Hua Banquet Hall Malacca

Soo and Wei Sen’s Malacca wedding was a memorable one for sure!

Sharing more on the process behind this outstation celebration, we collaborated with local florist Rimba Flora once again to ensure we had only the freshest flowers for this floral-themed wedding. The photobooth backdrop design was definitely the focus of the entire decor suite! We went through multiple revisions on the design with Soo and Wei Sen before finally locking in on this dreamy layout – a structural piece paired with fabric and floral layering for a soft finish.

Though we aren’t new to outstation events, this time around it presented quite a challenge for us. Firstly, we were building this design from scratch and had to source the right material to create the curvature to our backdrop – a material flexible enough to bend while also rigid enough to withstand tension. Furthermore, finding the perfect fabric took us a while as well. We went with one adorned in crystal beads for that classy elegant finish and layered the textile to create a seamless draping.

From the entrance to the walkway, life-sized organza flowers bloomed throughout, creating the dreamy fairytale ambience that we intended! The overall setup and dismantlement took us more days than we expected, as we had to adhere to the restaurant’s opening hours. This meant that we were unable to do our usual midnight setup/dismantlement, and had to pace our arrangement accordingly. Thankfully, with the help of our amazing crew and florists, we managed to pull through within a span of 3 days from the structural setup a day before, floral arrangement and installation on the actual day, and dismantlement on the last. Seeing how much Soo, Wei Sen and their loved ones enjoyed the wedding really made it all worth it for us!

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