Kah Man + Eh Eh : Boho Meets Fall Aesthetic | Tanarimba Janda Baik

Kah Man and Eh Eh came to us in search of a wedding stylist for two planned occasions – their tea ceremony and the dinner reception. We flipped the living space into a stage for their home tea ceremony. Red drapings and carpets set the tone for the background, drawing all eyes to the main centerpiece of this tea ceremony backdrop design. A circular panel with watercolor floral brushstrokes, lavish floral bundles in bold oriental colors, dripping tassels and a 3D pop-out vintage red ” 囍 “.

Tanarimba Janda Baik was the host venue for their evening, with a boho meets fall aesthetic to complement the cozy rustic wooden cabin-like dining hall. This time around, we played with varying colors and hues, from romantic purples and pinks to earthy greens and browns. A myriad of flowers and foliage, from roses and hydrangeas to pampass grass and autumn leaves. The white and blush pink floral panel designs doubled as both a stage backdrop and photo area, two floral pedestal arches stood at the entrance, and every tabletop was decorated with flower jars and candle lights.

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