Qi Wen + Han Lin : A Fairytale Classic | White Ballroom PJ

It’s a classic fairytale look for Qi Wen and Han Lin. The couple wanted a lavish display of flowers, and we surely did not hold back. Statement decor pieces were all decked out in bountiful florals of lovely white, cream and blush tones. A semi-circular entrance arch in full floral greenery welcomed guests into the ballroom. This relatively new event space located in PJ was a top pick for Qi Wen and Han Lin, with its high ceilings and distinctive glass panel windows. Like its name “White Ballroom”, we designed their mood board to echo classic elements of a similar tone such as the white carpet and table draping matched with the gold accent fixtures and furniture. Referencing the classic fairytale aesthetic in the photo backdrop, we put together wood logs, rustic crates, block candles, florals and beige draping for that dreamy ambience!

White Ballroom PJ
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