Ka Yin + Bee : Here’s to #newBeeKYnings! | Li Yen Ritz Carlton KL + Blackbyrd KL

Those who know Ka Yin and Bee would know that the pair is super fun and playful. Their bright energy is just downright contagious, and styling a wedding has never been more easygoing and fun for us!

For their tea ceremony and luncheon at Li Yen’s, we went with a sleek modern design decked out in bold red to match the couple’s chic and stylish vibe. Layering semi-circular and angular panels with striking florals in red, pinks and white for their tea ceremony backdrop. Echoing a similar theme for the luncheon area, we also custom-made signages and seating charts in semi-circular designs to seamlessly mimic the interior fixtures of the venue. Block candles and red roses added an air of romance and elegance to the couple’s intimate wedding luncheon with family that afternoon.

The evening occasion on the other hand was the complete opposite of the day’s more formal celebration. Ka Yin and Bee wanted a chill and laid back reception as the majority of their guests for the night were friends. To kickstart the party, this time around we toned down the flowers and went all out with a tropical minimalist design! Green foliage centerpieces, white table signages, guest place cards and burlap bags with hangover kits completed the tablescape. The couple’s signature neon sign wedding hashtag which hung from a vintage gold arch drew the attention of the room. But the highlight of the decor had to be the spinning wheel, which we handmade entirely to serve as a welcome game for guests to have fun right from the moment they arrived!

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