Liyana + Carlos : A Multicultural Home Celebration

Throwback to Liyana and Carlos’s intimate wedding! What was originally planned for Rumah Tangsi KL had to be downsized to a home celebration due to the pandemic. The couple proceeded with their akad nikah in the morning, a luncheon with home catering and the tea ceremony after.

We did a tropical themed pelamin design. Covered in white drapings and carpets, the living room was beautifully transformed into a backdrop for this multicultural occasion. The bold reds and oranges presented in heliconia and anthurium blooms, paired with tropical greenery and rattan pelamin, created an exotic garden in their very own living room! We were happy to hear that the couple and their families took lots of photos with this backdrop.

Together, Liyana and Carlos have a rich multicultural background with Malay, Indian, Chinese, Latin and British in the mix! They wanted to honor both sides of their heritage which was what inspired the many combinations in their wedding style. With the tea ceremony backdrop, we did a retro take on a modern simplistic design. Adding old-school oil paper umbrellas, floral motif folding screens and red paper fans to this minimalist look. The feature table at the corner was decorated with a mix of local and oriental elements like batik table linens, chinoiserie vases and bamboo steamers.

Liyana shared with us her idea of recreating Peranakan designs, which are influenced by both Malay and Chinese cultures, in her wedding decor. Unique intricate detailing and artistic motifs are characteristic to the Baba Nyonya style, and we made sure that their dining table decor reflected that sentiment with a batik table runner, block candles, custom place cards and bright colorful floral arrangements. What a way to embrace the fusion of cultures and the union of two individuals in love!

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